Date: by agreement when a sufficient number of candidates is gathered
Conducted by: Veritas doo
Accredited European Inspection Body ISO 17020 &
API-U Approved Training Provider for Q1, Q2 and Auditing Training

Course Highlights:

API specification 7-1 specifies requirements for the following drill stem elements: upper and lower Kelly valves, square and hexagonal kellys, drill stem subs, standard steel and non-magnetic drill collars, drilling and coring bits.

This three-day streaming live online training frames the requirements in a managerial and business prospective and will provide you with a working understanding of the API 7-1 requirements.

Successful candidates receive the Certificate of Completion from Veritas Oil & Gas, API-U Approved Provider.
Huge savings comparing to classroom type training while the training materials and the certificate are the same.

API 7-1 course topics primarily include sections:

Section 4 – Terms, Definitions, Symbols, and Abbreviated terms
Section 5 – Upper and Lower Kelly Valves
Section 6 – Square and Hexagonal Kellys
Section 7 – Drill-stem Subs
Section 8 – Drill Collars
Section 9 – Drilling and Coring Bits
Section 10 – Heavy Weight Drill Pipe (HWDP)
Section 11 – Non-destructive Examination of Bars and Tubes
Section 12 – Stabilizers

Who Should Attend:

facilities Applicant for API 7-1 Monogram Program
Organizations that are already certified with 7-1 Monogram Program
Plant operations engineers and others
Inspection personnel
Organizations that are working & using API 7-1 Specification
Quality System Auditors
Quality Assurance Personnel and Management Representatives
Personnel involved in API 7-1 Product manufacturing Activities
Oil Company Personnel involved with Specifying Equipment Requirements

Note: We are API Certified Inspectors, we help the participants to become API certified inspectors as well.


Total price is 650$ per candidate, all-inclusive training and certificate.

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