Date: by agreement when a sufficient number of candidates is gathered
Conducted by: Veritas doo
Accredited European Inspection Body ISO 17020 &
API-U Approved Training Provider for Q1, Q2 and Auditing Training

Course Highlights:

API specification 5B covers dimensions, tolerances, and marking requirements for API threads and the gauges that control the acceptance criteria for the threads. Thread element gauges, instruments, and requirements for the inspection of threads for line pipe, round thread casing, round thread tubing, and buttress casing connections are included.

This three-day streaming live online training frames the requirements in a managerial and business prospective and will provide you with a working understanding of the API 5B requirements.

Successful candidates receive the Certificate of Completion from Veritas Oil & Gas, API-U Approved Provider.

Huge savings comparing to classroom type training while the training materials and the certificate are the same.

API 5B course topics primarily include sections:

Section 4 – Thread Dimensions and Tolerances
Section 5 – Thread Inspection
Section 6 – Diameter, Ovality, and Size Gauging Practice
Section 7 – Gauge Specification
Section 8 – API Gauge Certification
Section 9 – Thread Marking

Who Should Attend:

facilities Applicant for API 5B Monogram Program
Organizations that are already certified with 5B Monogram Program
Plant operations engineers and others
Organizations that are working & using API 5B Specification
Quality System Auditors
Quality Assurance Personnel and Management Representatives
Personnel involved in API 5B Product manufacturing Activities

Note: We are API Certified Inspectors, we help the participants to become API certified inspectors as well.


Total price is 650$ per candidate, all-inclusive training and certificate.

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